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This sector has been strengthened in terms of management, structure, economy, finance, and material base since its establishment. Based on our professional design team, experienced engineers and technicians, advanced production technology, more than 10 years of experience, we are developing into a leading company in the field of interior and exterior design, furniture production and building maintenance, and cooperating with leading companies in Mongolia.

We have always focused on professional service, quality design, quality performance, customer satisfaction, and strive to create a national design and execution company that can compete with external design and construction maintenance organizations.

To date, we have performed more than 300 designs and maintenance:

  • Design and execution of all Skytel branches in the capital city and local areas

  • Designed and executed more than 160 objects, including Mobicom Corporation's capital and local branches performed interior design and renovation work in more than 10 branches of banks such as

  • Ulaanbaatar City Bank
  •  Golomt Bank
  • "Trade Development Bank"
  • Credit Bank

We have extensive experience in performing dozens of service and office and household repairs.
Our team will be happy to cooperate in all areas of building interior and exterior landscape. 



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