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VACANCY  (please visit the link below)

  • HSE Manager 
  • Planning and Control Manager 
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Engineer 
  • Chief Engineer 

The process of hiring new employees in our company is as follows.

1. Application form / Paper and online /

• Attachment / Professional ID, Diploma, Copy of ID card, 3x4 size photo taken within the last 3 months, 1 copy, Copy of social and health insurance book/

• The company does not assume any responsibility to the job applicant upon receipt of the application.

• Online applications are advertised in the Vacancies section of our website.

2. Selection

• The selection process begins with the definition of job requirements, and we provide equal opportunities to all applicants and conduct the selection process in an open, fair, and transparent manner. Job applications will be based on the criteria set out in the job advertisement.

3. Invite for an interview

• Candidates who meet the job requirements in terms of profession, experience, and skills will be given a chance for an initial interview.

4. Professional and proficiency testing

• Depending on the specifics of the job, a profession or skill test will be conducted and evaluated.

5. Decisive interviews

• Invite to 2-3 interviews depending on the specifications of the acquiring position.

6. Offer a job

• Formal job offers by phone, e-mail, and meetings, and the terms of the employment contract are agreed upon. Because the selection committee consists of two or more members, the final decision is not made by a single employee.


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