Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System 

Depending on the size and purpose of the building, alarm systems designated to report potential fire hazards to protect human life and properties, are distinctively classified as wired fire alarms and battery operating fire alarms. Fire alarms will detect smoke and heat sources and automatically transmit it to the fire alarm panel to perform audible and visual alarm. Alarms can also be activated manually.

The fire alarm system consists of the following components:

The control panel is the brain of the system. It receives signals from devices such as smoke detectors, processes them on its own, and activates audible and visual alarms when the fire situation is confirmed to be justified.

• The power supply consists of a battery charger and batteries. These batteries are compatible with the current capacity of the console. If there is a power outage in the building, those batteries will keep the system running.

• The control panel will be located in front of the lobby. The Control panel can report the location of the signal to the building security guard. 

• Field devices consist of activating devices such as smoke and heat sensors.

• Information devices. (speakers, flashing lights)

Fire Alarm System Device 

We are proud to provide a comprehensive range of fire alarm systems to meet the changing market requirements. It means that our customers can fully entrust their fire alarm system to us.


• Fire alarm system with location labeling

• Fire alarm system without location labeling

We are offering an independent fire alarm system

A fire alarm system with location labeling is also called an intelligent system. Each activation device (smoke, heat sensor, flame sensor, linear detector) has its address and zonal information. It is the most useful indicator. The technician can locate in case the device presents system trouble.

On the other hand, the traditional system without location labeling is consists of several zones. One zone involves several reporting tools, and if one error occurs, the technician must find out its location.

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