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One of the main factors in determining success is human resources. Human resources are evolving as they become crucial and more involved in the company's resources, and the key to human resource management is to discover and develop the talents and resources of each employee, to support and encourage their initiatives, and create an environment.Our human resource policy aims to combine the skills of a skilled team based on the abilities and competencies of each employee with modern human resource management techniques and create long-term sustainable business success by actively supporting the employee's desire to learn and grow. Knowledge provides a favorable environment for the development of skills.In line with the company's mission, the following activities are taken place under the strategy of creating and building a competitive workforce through the use of human resource management methodologies.

These include:

• We provide our employees with regular training and skills to work effectively and productively

• Introduce the organization's internal regulations and employment contract to all employees and strictly follow the relevant labor relations laws.

• Takes measures to create a positive atmosphere in the community, to prevent unpleasant situations, and to eliminate existing conflicts immediately.

• Aims to provide opportunities for professional development, to recruit, select, and train skilled personnel from internal sources.

• We strive to create a safe and comfortable working environment in the performance of our duties

• Create human resources to meet the goals and objectives set by the organization's change and development policy;Under this policy, we select the workforce before performing any work, taking into account their work experience, level of knowledge and skills, personal organization, attitudes, specialization, specialization, physical development, health status, sports skills, and psychological training. It is chosen as a key indicator and the workforce is assigned to specific criteria to prevent any situation from arising after the appointment.

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