Барилга угсралт , засвар үйлчилгээ

Tavan Ord LLC construction and urban development company, which is a part of Mongolia's development. The company was established in 1998 and has been one of the leading construction companies in Mongolia ever since. 
Today, our company has more than 75 full-time employees and more than 100 contract employees. It is based on a workforce of more than 10 highly qualified engineers and technicians and more than 100 skilled construction workers.
Our company has been operating and developing for 2.5-2.8 billion MNT a year, providing jobs for more than 100 people, creating conditions for them to work and live normally, and raising wages to 3-6 times higher than the minimum living standard.

We have made 6 major developments in the last 6 years:

• As a subcontractor for the construction of Magnai Trade's fuel depot in Erdenet
• Songinokhairkhan district as the general contractor for 45 apartments
• Citizen Ch. In Bayankhongor aimag. As the main contractor for the construction of Munkhbaatar gas station.
• As the main contractor for the construction of the Habu Hotel
• As the main contractor for the construction of 116 apartments at Zamyn Uud
• Worked as a subcontractor for a 10-story apartment building for 59 households in Bayanzurkh district.

We are confident that the Mongolian construction industry will reach the level of the world's most developed countries, and walk together with world's architectural trends. 

Construction work on cast and prefabricated reinforced concrete structures

Construction, expansion, and renovation of timber and masonry buildings


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